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Our History

The roots of St. Andrew Presbyterian church of Kimberling City, MO go back to 1963 when an interdenominational group began meeting each Wednesday evening in the Hideaway Community for vespers and song.

In 1964 a community building and chapel was constructed at Hideaway with the support of the Carthage-Ozark Presbytery (now the John Calvin Presbytery). Built by members of the community (many retired) and by several groups of youth workers, the first meeting was held in the building on January 13, 1965.

After deciding they wanted to operate as a church, on March 27, 1968 St. Andrew Parish United Presbyterian Church was organized and held its first service with Rev. Ward Patton as the minister.

In October 1974, church services began being held in Kimberling City at various locations. St. Andrew Presbyterian Church (Parish was dropped officially on December 7, 1979) was incorporated as a Missouri corporation on November 20, 1978 in preparation for building a church. A building committee was established on February 18, 1979.

On January 20, 1983 St. Andrew Presbyterian Church purchased land on Joe Bald Rd, thus starting the process of the building of the church. Groundbreaking took place on June 2, 1985 and the first service was held on March 12, 1986. Issues with the design and construction of the building necessitated the closing of the sanctuary for a period of time, until December 1991.

Space eventually became a problem at the Kimberling City location,  and the church was enlarged beginning in 1998, with the dedication being held on February 6, 2000. The new 2 story addition nearly doubled the usable floor area.

For many years, St Andrew Presbyterian Church operated as a single church with two locations, Kimberling City and Hideaway. On January 1, 2017 when the Session along with St. Andrew Presbyterian Church was formally dissolved, two new churches emerged prepared for the future.  On that day, the Called Congregational Meetings were announced.  During January and February 2017 each congregation moved forward to approve Bylaws, elect a Nominating Committee and prepare for the Ordination and installation of new officers.  Today, Kimberling City and Hideaway are two separate churches that are nevertheless united in their call to mission and fellowship.

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
30 James River Rd
Kimberling City, MO 65686