Unfortunately, Fellowship opportunities have been limited due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We have suspended activities through the end of the year. These are some of the activities we will enjoy again, when we can do it safely!

The Men’s Fellowship and the women’s groups of both St. Andrew Presbyterian Church and its sister church St. Andrew Presbyterian Church @ Hideaway get together often for fun and fellowship.

Monthly Get-Togethers:
The Men’s Fellowship meets on the first (usually!) Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at Donnie’s Diner in Branson West. Typically on the same day, the Ladies Luncheon (celebrating the month’s birthdays) is held at Olive Garden in Branson at 12:30 p.m.

The second Sunday usually finds us sharing Potluck after church, at 12:00 p.m. All are welcome!

Game Days happen on the third Thursday of each month; the time varies by season.  Everyone brings a snack to share (remember, Presbyterians love to eat!).

At various times throughout the year, the congregations of the two churches celebrate together. These are just some of those occasions:

Mission: Sew-In
A new opportunity for fellowship are the “sew-ins” held at Kimberling City. We get together about once a quarter to work as a group and individuals on such projects as reusable sanitary pads for young women in Africa and other countries and Little Dresses for Africa. Read more about both of these projects here. In July we will be working on blankets and hats for Project Robby.

Loaf and Ladle/Time and Talent
The Time and Talent Auction, usually held in early November, began a number of  years ago as a way to encourage members to use their various abilities  as a means to add money to the church treasury to be used for special  needs.   Lunch consists of bread and homemade soups.  Then comes the Silent Auction. The fun thing about the auction  is finding out the special talents of  different people.   Some  people auction an offer to clean someone's house, bake a cake for a  special event, take someone for a boat ride, or mow a lawn.  Others use a special talent by making things with their hands--woodworking,  hand-sewn items, photography, jewelry, artwork, books authored by our  members--to name just a few.
After the meal is finished and the silent auction is  declared closed--the bake sale!! The highly  sought after items  have been on display and then the live auction begins! Year after year, we marvel at the amazing gifts and  talents of those with whom we worship--and at the generosity of those  who buy from each other to aid in furtherance  of the Kingdom.

Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving is a special day.  Whether you can’t be with your family, or you bring your family with you, you are always welcome to share turkey and all the trimmings with us.

Valentine’s Dinner
The Men’s Fellowship provides the food, entertainment and service for the women at this annual dinner held in Kimberling City.

Picnic @ Hideaway
In the fall, the  Men's Group set up the barbecue pits and picnic tables at  Hideaway , and prepare for the Annual Picnic. The Men's Group provides  and cooks the meat and the ladies all bring a covered dish. The  combined worship service and sermon is enjoyed in the beautiful wooded  surroundings with the lake close by. 

Garage Sale
The garage sale is held annually in conjunction with the citywide garage sale in Kimberling City. Sales of baked goods and of burgers and dogs bring in extra cash. All the proceeds go to the Men’s Fellowship for their use in building maintenance and other projects.

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
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