Masks for the community
Between May and September of 2020, St Andrew Presbyterian Church made and distributed over 530 masks to the community. They were hung up outside the church for anyone who needed one to take it. Over 100 of these were made for back-to-school.

Loaves and Fishes
Many of those in the Ozarks work in the hospitality industry that shuts down for several months leaving no paychecks for families.  We assist with free hot meals for those in need.

Loaves and Fishes at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church began in 2014 under the auspices of Love, INC and under the direction of our members and continues to this day, even though Love, INC has had to withdraw.

A number of churches in the area have committed to one evening of the month with our church taking Monday evenings. The purpose of this meal is to serve the needy whose employment is seasonal and are, therefore,  out of work for the period of time from January through March.  All are welcomed and fed, including second helpings and carry-outs when the food supply allows.  These dinners provide much-needed nourishment, but also fellowship.

Toys for Tots
St. Andrew has participated yearly in this nationwide program,  helping to collect, sort, wrap, and distribute toys to those in need at Christmas.

Legacy Gardens
Give someone a fish and they eat for a day.  Teach someone to fish and they eat for a lifetime.  Legacy Gardens provides space and help to grow vegetables and flowers to enhance lives and health. 
Legacy Gardens includes two gardening spaces for the community to use for planting.  One space is on the Kimberling City church property, and the second one is in Reeds Spring.  The dirt used for the gardens was donated by Hansen's and some of the seedlings were donated by the students at Reeds Spring High School.  The sprinkler system for both gardens was donated by members from both locations.   A combined total of 76, 4' by 4' spaces are available for people to plant their choice of either flowers or vegetables at either location.  But, they must sign up for their space each year.  Spaces are allotted until they are all assigned.   A facilitator oversees this project and, along with help from people from both locations, makes sure that the sprinkler system is functioning properly and all is well with the project.

Food Pantry
Many families and individuals go hungry every day. In addition to a budgeted financial gift to the Food Pantry, on the first Sunday of each month a freewill offering is taken. 
Super Bowl Sunday gives us the opportunity to give a little bit more, when we “vote” for our favorite team with $$.  All of the money collected is donated to the Food Pantry.

One Great Hour of Sharing
On Palm Sunday and/or Easter Sunday, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, as well as other PC(USA) churches and Christian churches all over, observe One Great Hour of Sharing.  One Great Hour’s mission is to empower, provide water, supply food and give relief from disasters all over the world.

Back to School Readiness Fair
Many families live at or below the poverty line.  In order to help raise children out of those situations, education is a critical part.  We support the effort with school supplies to eliminate stumbling blocks. 

Angel Tree
No matter where in the country you live there are always families in true need.  We adopt families for Christmas providing gifts that boost spirits and fill needs of some of those families. 

Parish Nurse
The Parish Nurse Program began in November, 1999.  This role has been one of extreme importance in the nurture and care of the sick.  It is the role of the Parish Nurse to stay in close contact with the pastor and those who are ill, whether at home or in the hospital, to be sure that the needs of all are attended to in a timely manner.
When a person is ill, it is so important for that person to know there is someone who not only cares about them, but is qualified to answer their questions or find the person who can.  It is a source of comfort to those in the congregation to know that the Pastor and the Parish Nurse are both there to give comfort to us and to pray for us in times of sickness.  We are fortunate to have not only the designated Parish Nurse, but 5 additional trained people.

In addition, our Parish Nurse heads the Mission Committee and is always on the look-out for families we can help individually with short-term financial assistance. We have paid the electric bill for a single father of three, provided extra support for a couple with large unexpected medical bills and many others.

Mission Possible
There are those in the community and congregation that can’t or shouldn’t do many repairs around their homes.  We have the teams to help at no labor cost.
Mission Possible is a Small Group who developed an outreach mission-- that of helping church members, families, and the community with projects the person(s) cannot handle safely without assistance.  Some of the areas in which they serve others:  transportation to doctor appointments, shopping, minor home repairs and simple yard tasks, change light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries, to name a few.


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